Saturday, April 01, 2006

My Last Diet Coke

This morning, seven friends and I gathered at Cafe Gratitude. (
With entrees like "I Am Abundant" and "I Am Open-Hearted" I knew that I could really embrace raw fooding. That was, until the little scoops of "cat food" arrived, garnished with sesame chips. With my three week Raw Food Retreat less than 24 hours away, all I could think was, "Is it too late to back out?"

It suddenly hit me all of the things I would be giving up: diet coke, ice cream, reese's pieces, bread. I'm doing this-21 days of total detox from all the foods I love-in hope of greater health. I want to be healthy, without pain and someday able to run as I once did. I never thought that ditching diet coke and growing wheatgrass could offer me that.

The plane leaves at noon and I'm getting cold feet. But, the love and support of each of my friends gives me strength. Thank you Samantha for the juicer. And Dana, thank you for the "natural" valium drops for the plane and organic health magazine. And to Suzanne, Kim and Leland, Renee, Katy and Doug- thanks for braving raw food to cheerlead me into my next adventure!

So I'm packing my yoga pants and drinking my last diet coke. I know nothing rewarding ever came easy. With a leap of faith and the safety net of terrific friends, I know in my heart, "I Am Grateful."

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sherri said...


good luck on your new adventure! maybe pretend that the catfood is something delicious... you know, something NOT catfood like.

i'll keep my fingers crossed that you find lots of happiness and health while you're gone.