Thursday, April 06, 2006

I Jumped the Fence

I've escaped. I'm literally hiding out in the corner of a Starbucks as I type in my weak state. This place is hard core. It's 30% "spa" and 70% "food is all in your head." I thought I'd come here, get some sun, clear my head, try out some new vegetables and maybe my health would improve. Instead, I've signed up for serious detox off of coffee, diet coke, all saccharine, processed foods, white flour, sugar, wheat, red meat, chicken and whatever else sounds, looks, or resembles food.

I never thought my body would have a reaction to coming off all that junk! I'm on Day 5, and I've been sleeping entire days, seriously cranky, and shaky. I dream about cheeseburgers to the point I worry that I've eaten one. I called my Dad after the second day, and he was completely supportive, jokingly saying he'd send me a snickers bar. Strangely as the days go by, food like that just seems like plastic.

It's hard to say now, because I am so horribly homesick, that this is probably good for me. I'm learning more than anyone should ever want to know about their digestive system, raw food, vegetarianism, etc, too weak to go into it, etc. I've calmed down enough to try yoga. Maybe because I'm not hyped up on caffiene.

I will say that I'm sleeping better, and my joints feel like they're working through something. They go through being completely numb and stiff to being totally mobile. I get excited sometimes when I think that raw-fooding may be a cure! And I think I'm closer to running again!

I don't know when I'll get a chance to "take a long walk" and check in again. Send me your good thoughts. It's taking all of my mental strength and willpower to live through this.


silvia said...

you can do whatever you want, jaynel. i believe in you. just think about what makes you happy an do it. maybe it's not the thing you expect to hear are a strong and bright woman, who can't be 'reclused' in this way...let yourself fly...and feel FREE
with love,

jaynel said...

Silvia! your Italian translates so sweetly! Hurry up and come to San Francisco to the American guys can go crazy over your beauty and Italian accent!