Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Urban Tribe and Missed Connection

I ruined my month-long run with Veganism this weekend. I had a cheeseburger. I drank alcohol. I had a glass of milk. (In a White Russian-two birds with one stone!) But as they say, it's all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or in my case, feel like my hands are going numb. Time to jump back on the wheatcrack.

Thursday night didn't turn out to be open mic night at Dalva afterall (sorry for the false advertising). After some friends and I went to Dalva, we were hanging out at Kilowatt, and later, at Mecca. I ran into this really great guy I unsuccessfully did the fadeout with a few months back. More proof that game always comes around to bite you just when you aren't paying attention, thinking you'll pass go and collect two hundred bucks. It was good to see him and he invited me to his party the next night at Medjool. I found myself saying that I'd try to make it. Knowing full well that Fridays are my treatment days. And Friday nights I can't really go out.

Without disclosing all of the details and reindeer games of the weekend, the highlights were: drinking girl drinks with Suzanne at Mecca, laughing about the dot com-ing of age with Jim at Kilowatt, and tipping the bartender at Dalva with other people's money- a very clever technique I've developed. Another highlight was catching up with Kevin after his comedy show (and hearing the joke about me and my fear of the Incredible Hulk). From Swig-a Marina bar in the heart of the Tenderloin-we watched what I can only describe as Homeless American Idol perform in Union Square. We closed down the tourist spot Lefty O'Doul's and found ourselves singing (well, at least humming with no shame) to Queensryte as tourists from Midwestern states rocked out. Awesome.

One of the friends I was hanging out with this weekend sent me an email pointing out that I was someone's Missed Connection on Craigslist...This random admiration was like getting a unexpected valentine in the mail. It said:

blonde girl reading out loud at the Kilowatt - m4w - 29(mission district)
"You were there early in the evening, sitting up by the dartboards, reading something out loud for your friends. And you were very beautiful."

I was reading a magazine submission about Gen X. I was facing a May 1 deadline, and punched it out after about an hour. Deadlines create the best work sometimes.

Sunday, after sleeping in, a friend and I went out to the beach. It was totally stressful. Kids. Screaming. Everyone staking out their piece of land, iPods on full blast in their ears drowning out any serenity of the ocean. It was like wearing a bathing suit at rock concert. So we jetted and drove around. Ah, nothing like a little artificial A/C, new car smell and a bottlenecked scenic route to put one in nature.

Best of all, I later found the car I hope to buy. It's perfect! I don't want to jinx it, so I'll just wait until the paperwork goes through to make the big announcement.

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