Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Birthday Convertible!

I'm not one of those people who says, "Don't make a fuss over my birthday" or "PLEASE, no gifts!" You'll never hear me say, "Oh, my birthday was last week, but it's no big deal..." Maybe it's because my birthday falls during springtime and reminds me of fresh-mowed lawns and the end of school, that I believe, second to the Fourth of July, my birthday merits at least three weeks of celebration.

To get a jumpstart, I'm celebrating my 32nd birthday nearly a month early. I just bought a new (to me) convertible. I'm so proud of myself for navigating the frightening waters of dealerships and all things mechanical. In case you ever need help buying a car, I actually consider myself an expert on the research end: Kelley Blue Book, Carfax, Autotrader, CraigsList and even ebay motors. (Yes, they really do sell everything.)

It took weeks, but hen I saw my car, like an adoptive parent, I just knew she was mine. Even though the premium sound, six CD changer was a plus, I really only need one CD to start. I think the Beastie Boys know how to throw a good initiation if anyone can.

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