Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Red Foundry Offers Code Shortcut for Technologically-Challenged Creatives

Does this sound familiar? You're a creative person. People hire you for your ideas--they come to you easily and often. Your writing is eloquent. Your speech articulate. Your etiquette immaculate. But now you want to create apps, and suddenly, none of this matters, because you can't write a line of code. And even though you spend several weeks eagerly reading every blog and listening to every podcast about code, you start thinking, "Maybe I'm just not mathematically-minded enough." But you've always figured things out, even though your brain is the sort that barely passed statistics, but aced college calculus.

Okay, so maybe this isn't exactly like you. In any case, my attempts at learning code have been everything from frustrating to pure comedy. As the weeks have passed, I've thought, "What if I want to create my ideas instead of spending my time learning code?" I mean, it turns out Cocoa goes with more than marshmallows and 'developer' is not just the stuff that goes in hair dye boxes.

And then, as if God himself was friending me on Facebook, I found Red Foundry. Simply put, Red Foundry allows creatives to build apps without the hassle of learning code. This isn't to say that I won't eventually learn code, but, I'm the turtle not the hare when it comes to mixing magic potions, or whatever it actually takes to code an app.

Red Foundry is in beta, so you'll have to ask for an invitation to be one of the first to get a password to get started developing your app ideas. My boyfriend John Gilmore wrote about Red Foundry here. John got his invite within hours. Technically speaking, I'm still waiting for God to friend me.

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