Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Hammer Time!

Adam and I went to the Giants Yankee game on Sunday. We had great seats and we won! As we left, Adam goes, "I think MC Hammer just walked by." I saw a guy in a white shirt and silver cross around his neck. He was surrounded by a family type posse. I walked up to one of them (not one to miss a celebrity sighting) and said, "Excuse me, I feel like I know (pointed at Hammer) somehow." The guy who is holding a baby said, "That's my Dad."

Adam insisted he was 100% sure it was Hammer. After that, Hammer said, "Yeah. You probably right. You probably right." Then he turned to pose with me for the picture. As Adam snapped the flash, I could hear people all around me saying, "HAMMER! I knew it was you, man!"

I felt bad for outing him, but thought you should know: "Can't Touch This!" is a myth.


sherri said...

right on! love the pic!

stephen said...

where would we be minus poly-blended gold hammer pants and high ride'in cummerbunds? great blogs as usual jaynel . . .

when in iowa, remember, chicago's right around the corner! hope all is well j.

jaynel said...

hey stephen,
definitely! you'll have to email me your phone number b/c my new phone erased the old numbers.