Sunday, October 01, 2006

Home Depot Alias

As kids, Remi and I had this toy called "Lift and Load." It had a dump truck, a crane, a gas pump, bricks, wood slabs, and the little plastic guys that would come by in the trucks to ring the bell and pick up their faux deliveries. My mom didn't like us spending too much time with Barbies because "real women just don't look like that." I was a little confused about the perma-tan lines and perma-tippie toes.

I'd probably be dangerously girly if I HAD spent some time with Barbies. Last night my roommate says, "You wore that to Safeway? We aren't used to living with girls." I asked Renee what she meant, because there's four girls living here. "Yeah, but you're the only girl. We wear sweats and flip flops."

So then why, if I'm the only girl, is it my favorite thing to check out the plants, wood, tiling and paint chips at Home Depot?

Every time they ask my friend Grange's name at Starbucks, she tells them Julie. "Oh, really Julie?" I say sarcastically. She's serious, though. "These people don't need to know my name. What, everyone wants to be my friend now?" Um, maybe I watched too much Romper Room as a kid, but...yes?

But maybe she has a point. There could be some benefit in having an alias. Especially at Home Depot where they are all up in your business and all you really want to do is check things out, because you aren't even sure what your business is yet.


Dr Syndrom said...

a home depot alias... now thats novel :) I wonder whether I should get an alias as well for the cookery shop, hmm.... ;)

- Mental Dribble.

jaynel said...

The possibilities are limitless at Home Depot. You shouldn't go in there if you rent. You'll a) become bitter that your landlord is so cheap and b) become frustrated that you can't totally overhaul your place without benefitting said slumlord.

But if you think you can keep a plant alive, they have a nice nursery...and sometimes they play classical music so people don't freak out to much when they check out.