Saturday, August 12, 2006

48 hours in San Francisco

• Drank iced tea with Peter at the Grove, and got a tour of his new BMW.

• Ran into rocker Samantha on Fillmore, discussed sending sketches of my heArtwork for her tattoo design to an illustrator. Briefly discussed the Pirate she’s dating.

• Dined on a home-cooked organic meal at Jorge’s new loft apartment in SOMA. Ate the most extravagently sweet tomato ever from the farmer's market. Wore new champaigne cami and broke in painful but beautiful BCBG shoes. Discussed an exciting new project.

• Mani/Pedi at Lavande. Tried to eavesdrop on gossip in Taiwanese. Was able to make out "Brad Pitt."

• Lunched with Jim at a charming hole in the wall Mediterarrean Café. Drove around in my new wheels.

• Saw my estethician Tricia, and got an update on her lovelife with a state prision guard.

• Ran into spring “fadeout” Justin at Peets in Pacific Heights. Managed a smile and wink while apologetically rushing off to therapy.

• Broke up with my therapist without saying, "Really, it's not you. It's me."

• Saw my hospital crush, Dr. Could-be-Gay and realized after the fact that "hospital gown" just isn't my color.

• Beat the rush hour at Trader Joe’s and bought Apple Struedel. (a Kalle and Paolo favorite!)

• Contacted Lucinda Williams peeps about upcoming tour art. Informed Lu that my eyelashes are real, and Christian Dior makes them look so irresistibly fake.

• Parked illegally under a crane in downtown San Francisco just long enough to catch up with my old roommate, Katy who broke away from blueprints or floor plans to see me.

• Found pictures of last marathon and was reminded by Renee of my now-gone Madonna arms. (Ate another piece of struedel.)

• Partied through happy hour on Polk Street in Russian Hill. Heard the familiar ringing of the Hyde cable car and was not even a little bit nostalgic.

• Was offered a piece of chocolate by my dentist, and told me he couldn’t make any money off me because my teeth are *perfect*

• Washed my car and was greeted by Renee's neighbor. (Call him, Renee. He's single.)

• Arrived for my coffee at Ritual and was greeted with: “Where have you been! We’ve been just worried sick!”

• Accidentally dropped a sleeping pill in my printer, and now it literally will not power on.

I made it to my new apartment in San Diego. It's huge. I crashed with a friend in The O.C. last night. We had a blast. I had never been there before: land of gated communities, botox, palm trees and streets that look like a moving Mercedes Benz showroom.

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